Sunday, September 9, 2012


What inspires your stories?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And the answer isn't a simple one. Some times the story will just pop into my head, like The Rangers of Aleera. Or a English assignment involving writing a ballad plants the seed, like Asagai. And I do have one inspired by a video game that is currently title less. But many more are inspired by dreams. And I have the craziest dreams. My first novel attempt, The Cause, was born after I had a dream that I was in the Revolutionary War, fighting side by side with a couple of people I had never seen in my life. I started the outline the next morning. While I replaced myself with a male character, the story followed the dream. While it's only half finished and in desperate need of a re write to make the four different writing styles in it as one, it may eventually see the light of day. Of course that was back when I still used outlines.

Inspiration can come from anything. Your friends may start spouting off some random crap and you have an idea for a character. Your co worker may be talking about a movie and get the lead character's name wrong and now you have a name for a character of your own. You may be doing a random writing exercise and it turns into a full blown novel.

What inspires my stories?

Life itself.

Until next time, friends

Happy Writing

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