Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kicking a Publisher to the Curb

Those that know me know I've had an issue with my publisher in the form of royalties. I had been contemplating hiring a lawyer to help me legally get out of my contract, but my publisher handled that for me. As of last month I am no longer with PublishAmerica. Which frees me up to do a revamp on Asagai and republish it with someone who will pay me royalties. Which I will do as soon as I finish my current project, The Rangers of Aleera.

Which I am very excited about. Rangers is perhaps my longest project to date. And I've had a ton of fun writing it. I'm in the home stretch on finishing it so I maybe in the near future detailing my editing and the publishing process.

Yes I know this blog is shorter than usual but hey, I haven't much to say right now.

Until next time

Happy Writing!