Sunday, September 9, 2012


What inspires your stories?

This is a question I get asked a lot. And the answer isn't a simple one. Some times the story will just pop into my head, like The Rangers of Aleera. Or a English assignment involving writing a ballad plants the seed, like Asagai. And I do have one inspired by a video game that is currently title less. But many more are inspired by dreams. And I have the craziest dreams. My first novel attempt, The Cause, was born after I had a dream that I was in the Revolutionary War, fighting side by side with a couple of people I had never seen in my life. I started the outline the next morning. While I replaced myself with a male character, the story followed the dream. While it's only half finished and in desperate need of a re write to make the four different writing styles in it as one, it may eventually see the light of day. Of course that was back when I still used outlines.

Inspiration can come from anything. Your friends may start spouting off some random crap and you have an idea for a character. Your co worker may be talking about a movie and get the lead character's name wrong and now you have a name for a character of your own. You may be doing a random writing exercise and it turns into a full blown novel.

What inspires my stories?

Life itself.

Until next time, friends

Happy Writing

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snacking and Writing

I don't know about you, but when I'm writing a lot of times I'll get the munchies. I have have certain elements around me when I write, snacks are one of them.

When I write, I always have my MP3 player (I either have it hooked to a speaker or I have my headphones) and a Dr. Pepper. Now I don't go overboard when it comes to snacks. Just a candy or granola bar or a cracker pack and I've even had string cheese and grapes nearby.

Why not eat a big meal before you start?

Because then I'll want to take a nap instead of writing. Now don't skip a meal in favor of writing, but you really can't do your story justice if your stomach is saying "feed me" and sounding like a dying whale. It's annoying even with headphones in.

Now, I have also wrote as I am eating a meal. The second and third books of the Asagai of Mitera trilogy were written during my lunch break when I worked for a retailer. The Rangers of Aleera was writen while I was eating breakfast at McDonald's and during my lunch at my current job.

How can you eat around your computer?

I don't really. Everything I write, I write "old school". I have a wonderful collection of spiral notebooks (A little trivia for you: It took me three regular ruled one subject notebooks before I completed the rough draft of The Rangers of Aleera.)

Now when I'm typing it up, I do some snacking but I don't eat my meals around my computer. Are you crazy? As I write this I have a bunch of grapes sitting next to me on one side and a Dr. Pepper on the other.

Now, if you do snack while writing, I don't suggest a juicy fruit or a messy snack (learned my lesson with Pringles). Something light will keep the dying whale at bay.

Until next time, Friends

Thanks to Varun G for suggesting this weeks topic

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Writer's Block

Or as I like to call it, My Muse went on vacation

Now I've had a few times where my Muse went on vacation and I'm not blaming fully the event of not writing on the dreaded Writer's Block. Sometimes you just need a break. But what if you really don't know what to write next and your characters or muse aren't talking?

The following is what I do personally:

1. Draw

Yes, I do draw sometimes. I have a deviantART account just for that. (I also post fan fiction on there. Which is actually most of my posting there. Go figure.) What do I draw? Sometimes I draw scenes I've already written. Other times, I draw portraits of my characters. Other times I draw random doodles that end up in the trash. Ok most of my drawings to see the light of day, but I digress.

2. Music

No, I don't play music. I listen to music. Usually, if the people crammed into my head aren't making a peep, I head over to YouTube and start listening to "Epic Music" This is what I call it, if there's an official name let me know. My go to's are Two Steps From Hell, Immediate, X-Ray Dog, BrunuhVille and Adrian von Ziegler, just to name a few. Since I write fantasy with an epic vein, these companies and composers really help me out. Just listening to their music can trigger a scene to play out in my head. Or a "Oooo that would be perfect for this scene or this character" And then I get to writing again, inspired by their music.

Now these are just my personal techniques to combat Writer's Block. At least I no longer start another project when I get stuck. As they say, so many books so little time.

Got any tips on how to combat the monster called Writer's Block? Just leave a comment.

Until next week, Friends.

Happy Writing

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kicking a Publisher to the Curb

Those that know me know I've had an issue with my publisher in the form of royalties. I had been contemplating hiring a lawyer to help me legally get out of my contract, but my publisher handled that for me. As of last month I am no longer with PublishAmerica. Which frees me up to do a revamp on Asagai and republish it with someone who will pay me royalties. Which I will do as soon as I finish my current project, The Rangers of Aleera.

Which I am very excited about. Rangers is perhaps my longest project to date. And I've had a ton of fun writing it. I'm in the home stretch on finishing it so I maybe in the near future detailing my editing and the publishing process.

Yes I know this blog is shorter than usual but hey, I haven't much to say right now.

Until next time

Happy Writing!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to my World

I have finally decided to make an official Author's Blog. Since I haven't gotten a webpage up. I know. I know. Get your butt to work on a webpage.

Allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Patricia Lane. And yes I will be running my own blog. I'm an unknown at the moment but I am working on getting my name out there.

A little bit about me:

I've been writing since I was in about the 4th or 5th grade. It was in the 5th grade that I realized that I had a talent for writing after the teacher for the Gifted and Talented program at Chicot Elementary had me read a myth I'd written for a project in that class. The class I read for a, 1st grade class who's teacher I cannot remember for the life of me, loved it and I ended up reading it for them three times. I've written various genres since then.

Despite writing from everything ranging from historical fiction to western to modern action adventure, I found my niche in the world of fantasy. It came easy for me. There's more you can do with fantasy than with the other genres, I think. Now, mind you I don't go overboard with kidnapped princesses and dragon's lairs and harried heroes. Over the years, my characters have become more believable and ones you root for or hope they get what they deserve.

Writing's not an overnight talent. It takes years to develop, like any talent. It took years for the word of Mitera, the world Asagai takes place in, to go from my mind to the paper to the publisher. I cannot even begin to tell you how it feels to get that phone call that they want to publish your book.

I have a group of close family that always gives me feedback on my stuff. They tell me I have a natural talent. And their feedback has boosted my confidence in my writing and talent.

Do I have any advice for budding authors?

Keep writing and don't give up. And do some research into publishers before you choose...